Chinasun Specialty Products Co., Ltd.(previously known as Jiangsu Qiangsheng Chemical Co., Ltd.) was established in year 1997, and is a privately owned enterprise in China. 
With a 15-year worth of experience in organic peroxides and chemical reagents, we serve various industries, from polymer synthesis to pharmaceuticals. With a team of professional R&D, we are in fully capability of technical research. With close cooperation between us and research institutes, we achieved new products development as well as quality improvement. With our plants in Changshu, China, we are dedicated to provide products and services that are most customer oriented of its kind. With our efficient distribution network, we quickly response and timely deliver products.
  - Enox?101 2,5-Dimethyl-2,5-Bis(t-butyl peroxy)hexane
  - Enox?DCBP(Bis(2,4-Dichloro Benzoyl) Peroxide)
  - Enox?TBPB(CP-02)
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  - Commonly used 225 varieties
  - Primary reagents
  - Inorganic salt
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